Have you ever burned your fingers and they took forever to heal? That’s what’s going on with me this month. As Sebastian would say, “My nerves are shot!” I have nerve damage from celiac disease and boy does it feel weird and yet not feel at the same time. I feel the nerve tingling more at night, in my neck, back, hips and shoulders. Then there’s the forgetfulness and memory loss, forgetting things told to me or that I did recently and losing memory of past events. Dropping things when I know I have a good grip on them. It’s a real PITA.

I’m realizing that my high tolerance for pain is most likely due to nerve damage. I know part of my ability to handle the pain is because I’ve trained my mind to block it, but I think part of the pain is due to nerve damage.

I burned my fingers, bad, by pulling a dish out of the microwave and taking the top off. I’ve done this countless times before and have had issues with the skin on a couple of fingers on and off, but I never put it together. This time I paid more attention, that or it’s possible my memory is finally starting to get better, but the skin issues I’ve been having on my fingers are due to burning them on the ceramic. My fingers can’t feel how hot they are until it’s too late, so when I finally notice it’s too hot, my skin is already burned.
Burned Fingers Healing
It’s so interesting, and it takes my skin about a month to finally heal. It does eventually heal, though, and then I have to reset my iPhone fingerprint. First world problems. Though I’ve had to do it 3 times now. At least I finally figured out what it was! Pot holders ALL. THE. WAY. These are the pot holders I use, and these are the next ones I’m interested in trying. “Oh honey bunch…”

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