Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Gloves Review

Celiac disease has given me the rare opportunity to replace many items in my kitchen, one being the oven gloves I use. I have cloth gloves and squares but they get food on them all the time, are in constant need of washing and don’t always come out of the wash looking like they’ll save my fingers from a burn. I had a hard time keeping the gluten separated from non-gluten and I ended up ruining my oven gloves from over washing. In need of oven gloves that are easily washable, I bought these Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Gloves on Amazon.com. I got the orange and grey colors – the orange are my gluten-free gloves and the grey are for the gluten.

I love that they come in a pair, as you do need one for each hand. The gloves are dishwasher safe and do a good job of protecting my hands from the heat. The critiques I have are that they are fairly large gloves. I’m average size, 5’5” and about 140 lbs. and my hands swim in them. A smaller size would be nice, but I imagine if they were too much smaller, the gloves wouldn’t be easy to put on my hands. Also, if a pot touches the inside lining where there are no nubs, the heat comes through the glove and stings. It leaves a slight red mark on my skin, but I not a serious burn, so they did protect my skin, although I only held the hot pot a second or two.

These silicone gloves work well for keeping your hands protected from the heat, even if they are a little on the large side. Sometimes I use them without putting my hands in the silicon oven gloves, but it is better to wear them when pulling things out of the oven or microwave, so I don’t burn the tops of my fingers. I haven’t run them through the dishwasher because I don’t like to put silicon in the dishwasher. We have hard water and I don’t trust the plastic from being damaged by dishwasher soap, so I wash them by hand. They hold up well with daily use and washing with Dawn and hot water. All things said, they were a good buy for $9.99.